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Bottle information

This is the information page on bottles for the various sizes of Pot d'Huile. If you would like to see our price sheet, check it out here.

25ml PdH Bottle.jpg

25ml bottle

This bottle is our mini/single serve bottle. This size is great for individuals who want to use Pot d'Huile once.

125ml PdH Bottle.jpg

125ml bottle

This bottle is our mid-sized bottle. It's ideal for the individual that likes using cannabis occasionally to frequently.

375ml PdH bottle.jpg

375ml Bottle

This is our chef-sized bottle It's intended for industry people who like throwing private pop-ups, using Pot d'Huile as their cooking medium of choice. The chef-sized bottle is available for anyone to purchase, not just chefs. This bottle is ideal for individuals who are daily consumers of cannabis.