How do I Dose accurately?

We recommend trying a teaspoon (1 teaspoon =  5ml = 5mg) to begin with and for you to decide what your tolerance is, working your way up or down from 5mg.

Can I use Pot d'huile in Place of regular Olive oil in Any Recipe?

Yes, that's part of what makes Pot d'Huile amazing -- all you need to do is plug and play. Just remember to cook at a temperature less than 310F, otherwise you'd be cooking off the THC. You can also use Pot d'Huile's oil in most recipes that call for butter, as olive oil is a common substitute for butter. And you can substitute vegetable, canola or other oils with Pot d'Huile's oil, as well.

CAn I dilute the olive oil and lessen the potency of the THC?

Yes, you simply mix it in with non-medicated olive oil to dilute Pot d'Huile, effectively weakening the psychoactive component of our oil. If your recipe calls for two tablespoons (which amounts to 30 milliliters total) of olive oil but only want 15mg of THC in the dish, all you have to do is use one tablespoon of Pot d'Huile's oil and use another tablespoon of non-medicated olive oil. By doing that, you'll have reduced the potency of THC level by half. 

How should I store the Oil?

Keep it in a cool, dark place. It's not a bad idea to keep it in the box it came in, to prevent light exposure.

What Kind of Olives does Pot d'huile Use in it's oil?

We use Hojiblanca-Arbequina olives in our oil.

How long is the shelf life of the oil?

We recommend using it within the first month of purchase but it can be kept for up to six months in a cool, dark place.