Chron Vivant’s CBD Oil “Fat Washing” Technique

Fat-washing spirits is a great way to impart savory and complex flavors into your booze. The process is similar to making bitters or tinctures (using alcohol to extract flavors and compounds). One of my favorite fats to “wash” with is a quality extra virgin olive oil. In this recipe, I will be pulling some of the bright flavors, cannabinoids, and complex terpenes found in Pot d’Huile’s gourmet oil, and infusing them in a botanical gin that will be used in our CBD-infused martini recipe.

— John Korkidis of Chron Vivant


  • 4 oz extra virgin olive oil

  • 750 ml of gin or vodka


  1. Add booze and CBD-infused olive oil together in a mason jar with a seal-proof lid.

  2. Agitate and leave mixture at room temperature for 4hours for the flavors to infuse.

  3. Transfer the infusion to the freezer overnight to solidify the fats.

  4. The next day, the oil should have solidified at the top of the jar. Using a mixing spoon, break up the coagulated oil and strain through a cheesecloth.

  5. Pour your strained, fat-washed gin or vodka back into its original bottle and you are ready to make CBD-infused olive oil cocktails like a martini.