Dosing correctly

Pot d'Huile is the only brand available that allows users peace of mind knowing exactly how much they are dosing through a simple measurement. One milligram of THC is present in one milliliter of PdH, which creates an easy ratio for developing recipes and planning for dosage. A simple rule of thumb to remember when cooking with PdH is that 1 milliliter of PdH olive oil is equivalent to 1 milligram of THC, allowing for easy dosage depending on desired effect.  


Recommended Initial Dosage for Novice & Frequent Users of Cannabis:

  • A 2-4 mg dose is recommended for novice users, equivalent to few puffs on a joint*

  • A 5 mg dosage is recommended for more frequent users, equivalent to 1/3 to 1/2 of a joint*

  • A dosage of 10 mg is often recommended by physicians to stem nausea from chemotherapy, but not necessarily recommended for users who are not going through a similar treatment

*Comparison to smoking a 0.5 gram joint, consisting of 20% THC

Pot d’Huile urges all users to start smart and stay smart with edibles. Our dosage consistency helps ensure that the experience of ingesting cannabis is a pleasant one. We strongly encourage starting with a small dose.


Eating versus smoking:

The psychoactive experience of eating begins between 30 to 90 minutes from ingesting and lasts for about 3-5 hours. The psychoactive experience of smoking begins almost immediately and lasts for about 90 minutes.

40-60% of THC is absorbed through digestion, while 15-17% of THC is absorbed through smoking.



Cooking with Pot d’Huile


Recommended Tools:

  • Set of measuring spoons that indicate ml per spoon

  • Measuring cup calibrated by ml, teaspoon (5 ml), tablespoon (15 ml)



  • THC breaks down at 314F

  • Do not cook above 300F for a prolonged period of time

  • You can bake at temperatures above 300F, as the internal temperature of the baked good is what's important -- most baked goods don't reach an internal temperature of 300F

  • When frying food, add Pot d'Huile's oil just before plating so that you don't burn off the THC or the flavor of the olive oil


Recipe dosage calibration:

Our “1 mg of THC to 1 ml olive oil ratio” offers simplicity in creating high quality foods with precise dosage. Conveniently enough, a measured teaspoon is 5 ml, a measured tablespoon is 15 ml and an ounce is about 30 ml.

Combining our product with another high quality non-infused extra virgin olive oil further allows chefs to dial in the exact dosage of THC per serving. The only tools required are a calibrated measuring cup and measuring spoons. Once two olive oils are combined with a quick stir, you are ready to cook.



Cooking parameters


Pot d'Huile's proprietary neutral flavor and simple dosing provide a wide range of uses for home cooks and culinary professionals. PdH can be used as any olive oil, in baked goods, vinaigrettes, soups, braises and stews. PdH can also be blended with any extra virgin olive oil, and can replace butter, vegetable oil, or other fats in most recipes. With Pot d'Huile, users can work with their own culinary creativity to develop healthful, delicious food that also offers the cannabis experience they are looking for. PdH works best in recipes cooked under 310 degrees Fahrenheit, with the exception of baking. 


PdH Cooking Conversion Table:

1ml = 1mg THC

5ml = 1 teaspoon

15ml = 1 tablespoon

30ml = 1/8 cup

60ml = 1/4 cup

80ml = 1/3 cup

120ml = 1/2 cup

240ml = 1 cup