Chron Vivant’s CBD infused marinated olives

A great way to step up your home bar game is to make your own craft garnishes. Quality garnishes can make or break a drink, and the humble cocktail olive is no exception. Creating your own homemade cocktail olives is super easy and can be used to complete timeless cocktails like the dirty martini. This recipe provides plenty of room for experimentation, you can stuff your olives with almost anything you can think of.

—John Korkidis of Chron Vivant


  • 3-4 oz large green olives

  • 1 bottle of Pot d’Huile’s gourmet CBD olive oil


  1. Drain and save the brine from the olives for use in our dirty martini recipe later.

  2. Place your olives into a cleaned cannabis glass jar and fill to the top with Pot d’Huile CBD olive (you and add a few thin strips of lemon peel and any spices you desire).

  3. Cover the olives tightly and let steep in the refrigerator for 3 days to a week, gently shake the jar from time-to-time. The olives will keep for up to 3 months in the fridge.