CHron Vivant’s CBD Olive Oil Martini

Vodka or gin? Dirty or dry? The timeless martini can be made to suit your specific tastes, just don’t go shaking it. This recipe is a riff on the classic martini, using gin washed with gourmet CBD olive oil. The savory and fruity notes, cannabinoids, and aromatic terpenes found in Pot d’Huile’s gourmet olive oil perfectly complement the complex botanicals and citrus essential oils that make up St George’s botanical gin. The Martini, with its tried and true ingredients and refined presence, is a perfect drink to celebrate the anytime. Try it with our CBD-infused cocktail olive garnish or a bit of the leftover olive brine for a saltier twist.

—John Korkidis of Chron Vivant


  • 2 ounces of Pot d’Huile CBD infused olive oil washed gin

  • 1/4 ounces dry vermouth


  • CBD-infused olive (or a lemon twist)

Drink Preparation

  1. Add ice to a mixing glass.

  2. Add the fat-washed gin and vermouth and stir until thoroughly chilled.