Forbes — ‘It’s stellar. For one thing, it tastes exactly the way good EVOO should’

Bon Appetit — 'Several San Francisco chefs have already embraced Pot d’Huille, even though they can’t serve it during regular business hours—yet'

Food + Wine — 'What could be more Northern Californian than a cannabis-infused olive oil?'

Vice Munchies — 'This weed olive oil makes everything better. Even pizza.' 

GQ — 'If you're looking to make some food at the same time, Pot d'Huile will end up being your favorite olive oil, edible, and hangover cure all in one tablespoon' 

Playboy — 'This California grown olive oil is made up of 1 mg of THC per 1ml of olive oil and goes with damn near everything.' 

Maxim — 'It takes the guess work out of dosage: with them it's a milligram per millimeter, and they've created a process that gets rid of those potent and off-putting flavors you'd probably get at home'

Popsugar — 'I was mainly impressed by the uncompromised flavors. The fact that it tasted good in addition to making me feel good was a definite bonus. I can see it enhancing dinner dates with my boyfriend and meals with friends, and I'm excited to start cooking with it at home!'

SF Chronicle — 'By infusing olive oil, he thought, he could help chefs create food that would encourage the connection that happens when people crowd around the dinner table'

Eater LA — 'Yannick noted something that all restauranteurs desire: A higher profit margin. Any restaurant or bar that adds a few drops of CBD or even THC could see their sales increase considerably'

SF Chronicle's GreenState — 'The neutral-tasting oil is also perfect for culinary professionals, fueling a growing chefs' movement into experimenting with cannabis cuisine'

SF Evergreen — ‘All the top chefs swear by the THC olive oil Pot d’Huile

High Times — 'A farm-to-table cannabis-infused gourmet olive oil created specifically for chefs and bakers, Pot d'Huile is made with California-grown cannabis flowers and a blend of Hojiblanca and Arbequina extra virgin olive oil'

Clean Plates — 'One of the most versatile ways to get your CBD: Pot d'Huile, which infuses buttery, richly flaored California olive oil with CBD. There's no cannabis taste, so you can use this oil, which offers 1 milligram CBD per milliliter of oil (1/5 of a teaspoon), in salad dressings, drizzle it on cooked vegetables or toss it into popcorn

The Clever Root — 'Pot d'Huile gives at-home (and professional) chefs the opportunity to elegantly elevate any dish that calls for olive oil ... No skunky, diesel flavors here to interfere with classic olive oil goodness -- this is the perfefct high-end finishing oil for the cannacurious' 

Dope Magazine — 'I was coveting this oil since I first heard about it' 

PureWow — 'Warning: this stuff is addictive' 

Popsugar'Pot d'Huile's organically grown, extra-virgin CBD olive oil is a product that you need in your kitchen' 

Bust  'Whether you bake it into brownies or drizzle some over a Caprese Salad, this THC-infused olive oil is highly recommended'

Emerald Magazine 'Inspired by the flavor neutrality of Pot d'Huile's cannabis-infused olive oil, this light and elegant salad gets elevated by an extra green dressing' 

7x7  'As nearly every meal worth eating involves fat, no kitchen is complete without chef-grade olive oil'

San Francisco Magazine — 'Chef Martinez, who has made octopus carpaccio and crab tostadas with it, praises its consistency, along with its relaxing sensation'

Elise McDonough, High Times Cannabis Cookbook — 'I'm about to cook up a storm with Pot d'Huile cannabis infused olive oil. One bottle contains 100mg of THC in 100 mL of oil. 5mg of THC = 1 teaspoon of Pot d'Huile for easy dosing reference'

Cannabis Culture — 'Enter Pot d'Huile, which combines what might be the most Northern Californian elements ... cannabis extract and hyperlocal extra virgin olive oil' 

Food Republic — 'Crespo spent a lot of time researching and perfecting his product and tells buyers to keep in mind that one milliliter is equivalent to one milligram of THC — a measurement, he says, that allows for easy dosage depending on the desired effect'

C Magazine  'Pot d'Huile's advance THC extraction process appeals to those who want highly precise micro-dosing as much as they demand a smooth, neutral flavor profile'

7x7  'In any event, you want the freedom to take small doses of cannabis in whatever dish you choose. Then you'll love cooking with ... Pot d'Huile' 

The Fresh Toast  'These weed infused tater tots will blow your mind ... his tots are macerated in cannabis infused olive oil with chopped garlic and parsely, then tossed once more in the oil ... a simple and fun easy way to enjoy PdH olive oil'

Delish — 'People who have used one or two teaspoons of Pot d'Huile on salads or pasta have always felt a nice, pleasant buzz'

Olive Oil Times'Users can work with their own culinary creativity to develop healthful, delicious food that also offers the cannabis experience they are looking for'

Bob Cut Magazine  'Remember when Rachel Ray popularized the term EVOO for extra virgin olive oil? Well now you can get your EVOO with a little hint of cannabis'

Grub Street  'Naturally, it's ... marrying the spirit of West Coast locavores with the needs of pot users'

Pizza Magazine Quarterly  'It isn't quite legal for restaurants to serve items with Pot d'Huile during regular service, so the oil is also gaining popularity in pop-up suppers' 

Tasting Table  'Feeling festive? Let's break down how to take this blundt cake from delicious to dank. If you live in a state where you can get your hands on a cannabis-infused olive oil like Pot d'Huile, you can easily sub it in for regular olive oil'

Inside Hook 'Ever been curious to try cooking with cannabis, but put off by the whole simmer-infuse-strain mess that inevitably attends? We have some good news. You can use the new cannabis-infused Pot d'Huile in place of your usual olive oil in salads, pasta, sauces ... the rest is up to you'

SF Weekly — 'Pot d'Huile infused olive oil takes the risk out of cooking with cannabis'

Extra Crispy — 'A new, chef-approved THC-infused olive oil'

Hoodline Mission SF — 'The team created a flavor-neutral product that offers the full scope of cannabis terpenes which ... works synergistically with THC to provide medicinal benefits'

New Cannabis Ventures — 'Pot d'Huile uses innovative technology which yields consistent cannabis extraction and lends itself to scalable mass production' 

Nolisoli'This infused olive oil was created to make tracking dosages easier, while aslo having a neutral flavor'

PureWow 'Pot d'Huile uses innovative technology which yields consistent cannabis extraction and lends itself to scalable mass production' 



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